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Welcome to Earth Table Sustainable & Compostable Tableware Products


Earth Table offers a complete eco-friendly line of high quality compostable and sustainable products. They are strong, leak-resistant and great for all foods or beverages. Safe to freeze and even microwave. Designed for any occasion. The best part is all Earth Table products are made with sugarcane bagasse and other renewable materials making them environmentally friendly. Earth Table work exceptionally well when compared with regular disposable tableware. It’s cool to make a smart difference, choose Earth Table!



We are doing our best to protect our planet, animals, and everything surrounding us by offering eco-friendly alternatives.


We will educate our communities on the importance of having safer products for our health, marine life, and the environment.


Earth Table is a commitment to the community to find and source the best for our products and our team.


Working closely with our distributors to ensure we are providing our communities with the quality they demand; Giving excellent service to our customers as we continue to grow.



Earth Table is compostable tableware made from renewable sources. We chose our materials to be sustainable & compostable.

Making Earth Table's tableware products uses far fewer greenhouse gases than polystyrene or plastic production, thus being much better for our environment.

Using Earth Table's tableware can decrease the amount of waste being sent to our landfills and polluting our oceans.

Our biodegradable product breaks down quickly. The resulting material is rich in minerals to use for gardening and/or farming.

Welcome to Earth Table Sustainable & Compostable table ware products.

Compostable Tableware made from renewable sources. Sustainable & Compostable.